Saturday, June 3, 2017

What is a Monjayaki ?

Posted by American Coffee at 8:03 AM

The Monjayaki or simply Monjaもんじゃ,It is a Japanese dish originally from the Tokyo area. 
The most famous spot to have a Monjayaki in Tokyo is in Tsukishima at Monja street, where you'll find more then 50 different restaurants serving monja. 
What is it ?
 It is a pan fried dish sort of similar to the most popular Okonomiyaki, all the ingredients are mixed together, chopped and added dashi ( broth). You will eat the monja directly from the grill with a special small metal satula. There is a big variety of ingredients, the main one is cabbage and also other veggie but you can add ingredients by your taste like tofu, tarako ( salty fish eggs ), bacon etc... The monja is topped at the edn with dry seaweed and bonito flaks. 

In my video You'll see how to cook a Monja, just skip the Italian Intro hahahah 


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