Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Easy Okonomiyaki recipe

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There is nothing more delicious than an Okonomiyaki, It is on of my favorite food here in Japan but unfortunately it is quiet expensive for japanese standards and also my poor pockets. 
But I have a good news okonomiyaki are pretty simple to make at home and it requires only few ingredients. Here under my easy and cheap version without seefood and meat. 
You'll pay for your Okonomiyaki only 200 yen instead than 1000 yen at the restaurant. 

- 1bag Cabbage 
I actually suggest to use the bag in the picture, It is a Yakisoba bag and ut contains cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts dry seaweed and ginger already, important for the okonomiyaki taste. 
It is easy to find in any grocery store. 
-1 egg
- 4 spoon of flour 
- water 

- Okonomiyaki sauce
- bonito flakes 

Chop the vegetables.
 In a big bowl, add the egg the 4 spoons ( full spoons ) of flour, salt the seaweed, the ginger, and 3 spoons of water, mix it well untile the elements are combine and not lumps. 
Add teh vegetables and if the composte loos to watery just add an extra spoon of flour. 

Grease a large cooking pan with the oil, when war pour the mixture and flat it as a big pancake. 
cook approximately 5 minutes, turn the Okonomiyaki and cook other 5 minutes. 

Serving when is still hot with Okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise and if you like a bit of bonito flakes. 

Enjoy your meal !  


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