Monday, July 24, 2017

Trip in Europe - How to move around low-cost

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In the video above I'm talking about one of my low-cost trip in Europe, from Italy to Germany.
I absolutely say that Europe is the perfect destination for a low-cost trip, you can get an airplane for 10 Euro or a bus for 5 Euro.
I'm not a fan of the Interrail I've never did it, fisrt of all because I'm over 27 and this case the price is ridiculously expensive and second, I'm sure I can make you travel in 5 different cities in Europe for less money than 206 Euro ! But when I talk with people abroad link in America or Japan the Interrail way, It is the most known way and popular along low budget/backpackers travelers.
If you like the idea of moving around only by train in Europe you can check the link below to find more information about the passes ------ > 

In my humble opinion as traveler and European person, the best way to visit Europe with a low budget, I can say that you can visit 5 cities for less than 100 euro for your trasportations cost,  It is t do a mix of trains, airplanes and buses. 

Your planner buddy can be GoEuro.

It is very handy and helpful, It will show you and compare the prices between train,bus and air fare in few minutes.

Which cities will you be interested to visit in Europe the most?
Please let me know !

( Stockholm  2014 )


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