Monday, January 23, 2017

10 things to visit in Bologna

Posted by American Coffee at 12:09 PM

Welcome to BOLOGNA one of my favorite cities in Italy.
It is a small city but lively, that is make this place so peculiar are the two towers and also the huge amount of porches. Don't forget to eat in Bologna because is the first culinary city in Italy. 
Here my personal list of what to do and see : 

  1. Piazza Maggiore
    It is the main square in the city here will you find the Basilica ( San Petronio ) and the city hall and other majestic buildings 
  2. Piazza Nettuno
    Aside of Piazza Maggiore you will find the The Nettuno fountain but not just that don't miss to visit the Bologna  Public Library (Sala Borsa ), is it possible to take a trip for free with or without tour in the basement and admire the ruins and the building. 
  3. Via Indipendenza
    It is the main shopping street in Bologna and it is also the connection street between the train station and Piazza Maggiore 
  4. The Two Towers
    Bologna it was full of towers in the past now you can just find few of them around the city. Right now the tows main are the Asinelli, also the tallest point of view in the city, so don't miss to go on top! And the Garisenda.
  5. San Luca
    It is a hill a bit out of the city's walls, you can go on the top of it by stairs under porches
    for more info;
  6. Montagnola
    It is a name of a park where every Friday and Saturday ( In special occasion even Sunday)  you will find a huge clothes street market,the prices are ridiculously cheap.
  7. Piazza Santo Stefano
    To arrive there don't forget to stop by Palazzo della Mercanzia follow via Santo Stefano and you will find a tiny square with the Seven Churches and absolutly take a trip in Corte Isolani a court on the side of the square.
  8. Via Zamboni
    It is the main street of the Bologna University, very lively in the night .
  9. Piazza Malpighi
    The square is not such a great thing but the church of the side San Francesco is gourgeous  
  10. Ice-Cream time
    I would't leave Bologna without haven'tried a gelato at Gianni, the easiest location to find is right under the two towers.


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